New Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is known for being a friendly, generous guy, but that reputation caught up with him Friday when he spent his entire 2015 salary buying beers for fans at the 30th Annual Cubs Convention.

“What am I gonna do, say no?” Maddon asked. “A guy from Des Moines wanted me to buy him a couple beers, so I said ‘sure, drinks on me.’ Next thing I know word spread throughout the whole hotel that I was buying for everyone. I guess this is why I can only afford to live in an RV.”

Despite being out a few million dollars after his first interaction with Cubs fans, Maddon had no regrets.

“Look, managers have been coming in here making lofty promises for years,” he said. “For once, I think Cubs fans deserve to not be let down. If that means I have to buy each and every one of them beer for my entire tenure with the team, so be it.”