Day 2 of The Heckler’s D-Bag Madness Tournament brought about the closest contest in the illustrious two-day history of the competition as No. 8 Hawk “Heinybird” Harrelson nudged No. 9 Lance “I’ll destroy you if you tell the truth about me” Armstrong by the slimmest of margins, winning 51% to 49%. Mercy!

The other match-ups weren’t nearly as close as No. 7 Raffi Torres blindsided and left for dead the No. 10 Guys from The Heckler 93% to 7%; Underdog No. 11 Screamin’ A. Smith shouted Metta World Peace into submission 82% to 18%; and No. 5 Ndamukong Suh relied on his faithful old head stomp to do away with on-again/off-again alleged juicer Ryan Braun 67% to 33%.

Round 2 brings about some mighty douchey match-ups: No. 1 Daniel Sedin vs. No. 8 Hawk Harrelson; No. 5 Ndamukong Suh vs. No. 13 Skip Bayless; No. 11 Stephen A. Smith vs. No. 3 Alex Rodriguez; and No. 7 Raffi Torres vs. No. 2 AJ Pierzynski.

The voting starts Wednesday AM on The Heckler’s Facebook page. Join us there, won’t you?