Die-hard readers of The Heckler might have noticed it’s been about eight weeks since we published our last issue. The Heckler’s supposed to be monthly and eight weeks sure ain’t monthly. So, yeah, we’re a little off, but there’s a reason: Our new web site. We totally relaunched theheckler.com and you should check it out if you haven’t already.

So about The Heckler’s print edition …
We recently published a digital version that compiles a lot of The Heckler’s web content from the last couple months and some original content into one handy-dandy digital version, available for your enjoyment by clicking here.

Also, you might have read a few headlines on your laptop or iPhone the last few years about how newspapers are having a tough time making a go of it. That’s why the above edition is only available electronically. We’re not killing our print piece, but we are evaluating how we use print as we move The Heckler forward. Paid print subscriptions will be extended accordingly while we figure this out.

Here are some headlines from the issue you’re about to download
– Quade named interim manager for 2 more years
– Ricketts sets sights on offseason cup holder improvements
– Cutler institutes 20-step drop to buy more time
– Bears O linemen stop bathing, hope stench wards off defenders
– Forte flagged for roughing passer after patting Cutler’s helmet
– Martz anoints Bears offense ‘Greatest Show on Torn-Up Brown Sod’
– Favre pleads guilty to being creepy old man
– Brad Childress outsmarted by 3-year-old at local park
– Local sports talk radio hosts still can’t explain icing
– NBA star’s baby born with sleeve of tattoos on one arm
– Bulls unveil statue of Pippen leaving Chicago restaurant without tipping