Coming off an embarrassing 20-17 loss to the Bears Monday night, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is being forced by team GM Ted Thompson to wear a T-shirt all week that reads “I got out-coached by Lovie Smith” to serve as a reminder of his team’s terrible performance.

“It’s similar to the Puritans forcing adulterers to wear scarlet letter A’s,” said Thompson. “Lovie’s widely regarded as a mediocre coach but at least his team didn’t rack up a mile of penalty yards.”

Thompson explained the moved further, saying if wearing the shirt didn’t teach McCarthy a lesson, he was ready to take action.

“Mike’s use of a challenge on that awful James Jones fumble proved he might not be capable of coaching at the pro level,” said Thompson. “Only time will tell, but I’ve got the ‘I got fired as coach of the Green Bay Packers’ shirt ready to go just in case.”