Just a few hours before a Monday Night grudge match between the Bears and Packers, Chicago fan Bobby Lebrowski and Green Bay native Mike Holstein found common ground thanks to their horrific taste in shoes.

“I was tailgating outside that godawful UFO they call a stadium, screaming at every Bears fan in sight…when suddenly I saw a guy wearing a blue and orange version of my Packers Crocs,” said Holstein. “They were pretty sharp. Maybe Bears fans aren’t total idiots after all.”

Cicero native and proud Bears Crocs owner Lebrowski agreed.

“Wisconsin is the saddest place on Earth and full of losers, but at the same time Crocs are awesome. That’s one thing Mike and I have in common,” said Lebrowski. “Don’t get me wrong: I hate the Packers and want Julius Peppers to break Aaron Rodgers in half. But I have to respect Mike’s choice of footwear. Comfortable, stylish and perfect for tailgating!”

The friendly moment didn’t last long, however, after Holstein insisted Wisconsin was home to the smartest fans in football.

“I guess if you consider people with an average IQ of like 12 smart, then yeah, Packer fans rule,” said Lebrowski, before pouring his beer over Holstein’s head. The Wisconsinite countered by calling Lebrowski “dumb,” after which a brief melee ensued.

By George Ellis

Heckler George