Three days after a Latina reporter claimed she was sexually harassed by members of the New York Jets, head coach Rex Ryan tried to put the issue to rest by claiming he’s been referring to his penis as “Sabado Gigante” for years.

“It’s a total coincidence she was there when I mentioned good ol’ mother [expletive deleted] Sabado,” he said. “Had I known she was from a Mexican TV station, I probably would have just whistled at her.”

Ryan says he named his genitalia during a late night of watching Mexican television in 2007.

“I was watching some program with these mother [expletive deleted] chicks jumping up and down in bikinis while trying to sing as people hurled whipped cream pies at them,” said Ryan, referring to Univision’s flagship program, Sabado Gigante. “When I saw the show’s title, I was like ‘I think that word means gigantic.’ I’ve been calling it that ever since … I [expletive deleted] promise!”

After being told the origin of the name doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t have asked the reporter to “check it out,” Ryan was perplexed.

“The language thing was a total coincidence,” he said. “That’s what this is about, right? The hot broad with the rack thought I was making a comment about her ethnicity or something?”

–Heckler Staff Report