New Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice has been retired from the NFL since 1995, but finds himself in the unique position of being better than all but two of the players he’s supposed to be coaching.

“I would guess [Roberto] Garza is a better blocker than me,” said the 6-foot-7 Tice who played at 260 pounds. “Olin [Kreutz] too, but just because he plays so dirty.”

A 14-year pro, Tice played tight end but was used primarily as a blocker. Shortly after being hired by the Bears this offseason, he quickly learned he had a long road ahead of him.

“When I first got here, I knew it was bad,” said Tice. “But watching Frank Omiyale and Vince Vance try to block in practice almost makes me laugh.”

But Tice refrains from laughing when he realizes it’s his job to coach the line.

“I can’t get fired again,” said Tice. “It’s a pretty tough job market out there for a failed coach who once got busted for scalping tickets.”

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