Not to be outdone by LeBron James’ free agency spectacle earlier this month, Brett Favre  request airing of his own ESPN special. But unlike James’ hour-long debacle, the Favre special will serve as a weekly mini-series until the start of the football season. Producers have unimaginatively titled the show, Favre: The Indecision.

Favre alluded to the first episode of The Indecision taking place in a barn in Kiln, Miss., with an interview conducted by Chris Berman.

“It seems like months since people have talked about me,” Favre said. “I may or may not take my talents somewhere this season and the public needs to know. They’ll just have to watch my special to find out.”

Berman will also play the role of Jim Gray by prolonging the interviews and wasting as much time as possible before asking the important question.

“Do you have any feeling in your appendages? How many pain killers do you have for breakfast? Remember when I gave you the nickname ‘Brett Favre Ngugen’?” said Berman. “These are just some of the intriguing questions I’ll be asking.”

By Brian Berns