The Heckler’s February issue has hit the streets to help ease your winter blues. We think it’s our best ever, but we also thought signing Milton Bradley was a good move by Jim Hendry. Sometimes we’re wrong.

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Among this issue’s headlines
Cubs news
2010’s first Cubby Occurence: Marlon Byrd eaten by huge Mesa Gila monster (with pic)

Sosa admits he took Flintstones supplements; Tearful slugger finally makes admission fans wanted to hear

Ricketts to compete for Gold in men’s Winter Olympic figure skating (with pic)

Conan O’Brien takes gig singing 7th Inning Stretch at Wrigley

Mesa keeps Cubs in Arizona with promise Ricketts can host ‘Tonight Show’ in five years

Female Cubs fan can’t wait to unveil new breast implants; Might make trip to Spring Rraining just to show them off early

Soriano nearing one millionth spit of career

Ted Lilly to pitch right-handed this season; Old 60 mph curve balls expected to top off around 40

Woo-Woo in History: 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

White Sox news

Jenks gains back weight on Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet (with pic)

Sox 2010 ad slogan same as previous 10 seasons: ‘Cubs Suck!’

Ozzie to capitalize on hot vampire trend and wear fake fanges in 2010 (with pic)

More Baseball news

Steroid use up 50% among idiot Cardinals fans

Selig requires all teams to hire a Steroid Era hitting coach

Cash-strapped Pirates report to camp in owner’s backyard (with pic)

 Blackhawks & Olympics news
Hawks fan can’t wait to cheer for Toews on U.S. Olympic team; Also thinks Seabrook, Keith playing for Stars & Stripes

NHL triples puck size to improve TV ratings (with pic)

Permanent Olympics change: Figure skating on in 5 minutes, luge never

 More sports news
Taj Gibson sets NBA record by fouling out in two minutes

Chicago fan has never hated so many hometown coaches at once

‘ESPN Favre’ channel debuts; 24-hour access to retirement, Madden love fest

Jerry Angelo produces ABC drama ‘Desperate GMs’

Ronnie Woo-Woo hired as Bears strength coach

Mike Martz career highlights; Among them 1906 when he invented the forward pass

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