‘Why does Tebow get an ad and I don’t?’ asks Clausen

Controversy over former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow’s appearance in a high-profile Super Bowl TV ad continues to grow, as Sunday’s Super Bowl approaches. Critics feel that Tebow — a projected fourth-round pick in this April’s NFL Draft — is unworthy of the fame brought about by starring in an ad running during the most-watched TV event of the year.

“Sure, Tim won a Heisman a couple years ago, but what has he done lately?” asked former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, who’s projected to be a top 10 pick. “I — like the other 120 players expected to go before him in the draft — are certainly more deserving of being featured on the world’s biggest stage. Why does Tim get a Super Bowl ad and I don’t?”

Tebow refused to give too much into detail about the ad, but said it is about “something religious” and is sure to unite the world in its theme, even if its star is unfit for attention on such a grand stage. During his career at Florida, Tebow established himself as a quiet figure who never revealed his religious beliefs to the public.

“I don’t want to give the jist of the ad away,” said Tebow, a future five-year emergency third-string NFL QB who possibly tries to convert to wide receiver in a last-ditch attempt to stick with a team before finally retiring and serving as an assistant coach/team chaplain for his alma mater for the rest of his life. “But like anything religious, the intent of this ad is not to divide men and women of this great land, but rather band them together no matter their beliefs on a single lightning-rod issue or something stupid like that.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief