After realizing mid-season they had to invest in a new offensive line, the Bears were forced to get creative in order to raise the necessary funds. This “out-of-the-box” thinking led to green screen jerseys that will now let the team broadcast ads directly onto players during games and comes just in time for Sunday’s nationally broadcast game against the Eagles.

“Increasing revenue is just one of the benefits of these new jerseys,” said a Bears executive. “We also hope to bring crossover fans from NASCAR. And taking a page from that book, we hope fans begin to associate Jay Cutler with Bud Light rather than the number six.”

Fan response has been mixed.

“What’s more football-appropriate: Aspirin or McDonald’s?” said Matt Gaines of Schaumburg, flipping between ads. “I guess the Bears cause more headaches than they get rid of … McD’s it is.”

“Sweet!” said fan Andy Peterson with a laugh. “Devin Hester had no idea the Geico gecko was clinging to his ass while he ran back that punt!”

From the November 2009 issue by Dan Bradley