In what has become a yearly tradition, Brett Favre announced he will not be retiring, and will instead return to play in his 19th NFL season. After a disappointing 2008 campaign with the Jets, many NFL analysts expected Favre would retire “for real this time,” but the gun-slinging quarterback isn’t riding quietly off into the sunset.

Longtime NFL coach, color commentator and all-around Favre supporter John Madden was heart-broken when he heard the news.

“Brett’s a good friend of mine, and we’ve planned on spending our retirement years together,” said Madden, who retired from broadcasting this summer. “We were going to call it quits at the same time, load up the horse trailer, and find a nice place down in Boca … then BOOM! He’s on the Vikings.”

Favre had a different view of the situation.

“I’m sure John will get over it,” Favre said. “I’m still the best quarterback in his video game, and everybody knows that I’ll make the ‘All-Madden’ team at the end of the season. Plus, I get paid a lot more to throw interceptions in the NFL than I get paid to do those lame jeans commercials.”

From the September 2009 issue by Drew Adams