Great news: The Heckler’s April issue has hit the streets. As usual, it’s packed full of unbelievable Chicago sports news.

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Among this issue’s headlines
Cubs to wear Snuggies for all April home games; Zambrano boycotts new look, goes barechested

Santo gets mohawk toupee

Sox open community for active seniors; Dye, Thome, Contreras enjoy freedom, security of assisted living home

Len & Bob to open for Billy Joel & Elton John

Fontenot asked to wear DeRosa cutout mask

Reed Johnson referred to as ‘scrappy’ 45 times in Cubs media guide

Harden endorses at-home shoulder surgery kit

Milton Bradley has prize for next ‘When will Bradley go crazy?’ headline writer; It’s his fist

76% of Cubs fans in better shape than Aramis Ramirez

Closer role to be  decided by game of beer pong

Cubs hold ‘2001 Night’; All expectations removed, bleacher prices rolled back 500% to $12.50

City of Chicago prepares for Opening Day by making every Wrigleyville spot a tow zone

Mark Guthrie’s request to be included in no. 31 retirement ceremony denied by team

Chicago asked Sox fans to leave during IOC visit

Stone goes crazy explaining Hawk Speak to all you youngsters out there

Obama named fifth starter in Sox rotation

Cell to host summer concert series headlined by Journey cover band

Twins blame Crede’s contagious back for Mauer injury

Woo-Woo in History: Tiananmen Square

MLB introduces ‘Logoball’

Other Sports News
Joakim Noah celebrates getting free extra meat on sandwich

Cutler loses ability to throw deep ball after just one meeting with Turner

Orton, beard now more comfortable in Rockies

Hawks take heritage night too far as ’61 team loses 25-1 to Predators

Young Hawks start playoff beards for 2010 postseason

Joe Malonecki welcomes the new president, sort of
The Heckler’s Sports Talk Radio Man Screamin’ Johnny Blaze is angry

Real Deal
Check out pics from The Heckler’s 101st Annual Next Year Day

Cleanse your demons in an interview with Dusty Baker (remember him?)

A look at Wrigleyville’s new bars

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