Even though Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler received his wish to be traded from the Broncos on Thursday, he never imagined his final destination would be the offensively talent-deprived Bears. Instead of appreciating the change of scenery, the move initially inflamed Cutler’s bitterness towards his former club.

“First they try to trade me for Matt Cassel and then settle for Kyle Orton,” shouted an enraged Cutler. “Was their third option a case of sweaty jock straps? This treatment is utterly inhumane!”

Once Cutler settled down long enough to appreciate his move to the Windy City, he hastily grabbed a copy of the Bears roster and started reviewing his new list of receivers. Even greater ugliness ensued.

“Rashied Davis, Brandon Rideau, John Broussard? These guys can’t catch a cold!” Cutler added. “My situation was bad, but I never imagined it could get this much worse!”

Spinning out of control, Cutler stormed out of the room speed dialing Denver coach Josh McDaniels and started begging for his old job back.

By Brian Berns, Bears beat writer

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