Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has found himself in the middle of a brewing scandal over his conduct two years ago while a member of the New York Jets. It was revealed last week that Favre allegedly sent text message photos of his penis to a female who was working as a sideline reporter for the Jets. Earlier today Favre–a grandfather–publicly plead guilty to being a creepy old man.

“What can I say?” asked Favre in his signature Mississippi twang. “Back in the day I used to get away with childish stuff like this all the time but now that I’m a graying old man, I guess it just comes off as creepy.”

Favre’s Vikings will take on the Jets on Monday Night Football in the Meadowlands later this evening, so his admission to being a dirty old man will prove to be continued fodder for the ravenous New York media. Favre claimed he wasn’t sweating it, saying he’s learned his lesson.

“I remember one time Chewy (former Green Bay teammate tight end Mark Chmura) and I were blacked out drunk and I apparently gave a Hooters waitress my phone number by writing it on her ass when she was taking my order,” said Favre. “Guess that was a cute prank when I was 26 but now that I’m 41 I can see how people might think that sort of thing is just plain gross.”

Favre said he has a long list of shenanigans he did at a younger age that probably wouldn’t fly now that he’s over 40, including a Wrangler photo shoot he did with his penis hanging out of his jeans and offering multiple times to donate his own semen to the infamous “There’s Something About Mary” scene during his cameo in the 1998 film.