Monday, May 23, 2022

Zambrano finally snaps

Two inevitable things happened on Wednesday afternoon -- Carlos Zambrano finally snapped and Neal Cotts was jettisoned to the minors. The Cubs did manage to win the game 5-2 over Pittsburgh at Wrigley, to move back over .500.

Big Z to spend suspension improving temper on Welles Park Little League team

Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano was sent demoted to Welles Park Little League following Wednesday's embarrassing temper tantrum and ejection against Pittsburgh.

Cubs declare victory over General Motors

The year 1908 was noteworthy for at least two reasons: It's when the Cubs last won a World Series and when General Motors was founded. Now that GM has filed for bankruptcy, the Cubs are declaring themselves victorious.

Bullpen strikes again as Cubs blow another one

Let's face the truth folks, this Cubs team as it is currently constituted is going nowhere. It was never more evident than Tuesday night when the team, especially the bullpen, blew a 5-0 eighth inning lead to the Braves in Atlanta, eventually falling 6-5 in 12 innings.

Bradley pulls left calf while being treated for sore right calf

The tenure of Milton Bradley took another painful turn Thursday morning when the Cubs outfielder hurt his left calf while being treated for the right calf injury he suffered Tuesday night in Atlanta.

T-Pain declines invite to sing at Wrigley after Cubs refuse to let him bring...

Although he's been invited to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at Wrigley Field, hip hop/R&B star T-Pain won't be bringing his robotic funk to The Friendly Confines anytime soon.

Bradley somehow strands 24 runners as Cubs rout Astros

Tuesday night's Cubs win in Houston was noteworthy for three reasons: 1. It was on at the same time as the NHL and NBA Finals, so only true die-hards were watching. 2. Ted Lilly pitched a gem and managed to leg out a triple. 3. Milton Bradley went 0-for-6, somehow stranding 24 runners in the process.