A day after he got shelled by the Indians and booed at home, Josh Beckett went on the offensive, saying he was still displeased about the conditions he’s forced to pitch in and has demanded a post-game meal of fried chicken and Olde English. Not given what he wanted, Beckett took it out on the media.

“You guys are a bunch of idiots and just don’t get it,” said Beckett, who took fire from the fans and media this week when news broke that he recently golfed 18 holes one day after missing a start due to injury. “Sure we get paid millions to play a child’s game, but we only have 18 off days a year.  Let that soak in for a minute.”

Providence Journal reporter James Donaldson noted the morale of the Red Sox has gone down hill since players have not been able to get what he called “dead drunk” in the clubhouse as in the past.

“It’s gotten real bad,” said Donaldson. “One game you could hear Beckett go crazy in the clubhouse, swinging a golf club in fury after Bobby [Valentine] would not let him out the left field back entrance to have a quick nip at the old Cask n Flagoon in the fourth inning.”