According to multiple sources, the Bears have decided to sign 87-year-old, 290-pound quarterback Donovan McNabb who was released by the Vikings Thursday, signifying Chicago’s intent to give up on what was a promising season until last week’s injury to Jay Cutler and loss to Oakland.

“Yep, we’re giving up on the season,” said Bears GM Jerry Angelo. “We didn’t want to tease fans any longer, and we think Donovan’s lack of ability and general over-the-hillness is a clear indication we’re already planning for 2012.”

McNabb was excited about the chance to contribute 10 or 12 yards of passing over the Bears’ remaining five games this season.

“I can do it …” he said, out of breath from climbing the stairs to the podium. “I … give me a second here …”

He then collapsed to the ground, but Bears officials assured the gathered media McNabb would be ready to face the Chiefs Sunday afternoon.